Green Goddess Clean Living Range

Our collection of non-toxic, plant-based, biodegradable and refillable products are effective and luxurious cleaning agents for your home and body.  Essential oils are chosen for their antiseptic properties and aromatherapy.  In using our products you are supporting a healthy environment for your family, the waterways and the planet. Ingredients are sourced within the UK.  All products are Cruelty free and a refill service is available. 

Free From

Harmful Chemicals • Sulphates • Phosphates • Petrochemicals • Parabens • Phthalates • • Triclosan •Brighteners • Synthetic fragrances/solvents or perfume • SLS / ALS / ALES / EDTA / DEA • EPA Priority pollutants • Chlorine bleaches

Zero Waste

Sustainable packaging available- purchase a reusable bottle for life • All products are available to purchase in a quantity of 5 Litres for easy at home refill (send back your empty 5 Litre container for money off your next order) • Local Zero Waste refill stockists available

Your guide to a natural, non toxic lifestyle.


I am Joni founder of Green Goddess. I am an eco-conscious mother who started on a journey of non-toxic living after becoming increasingly concerned about the chemicals that were in my family’s foods and everyday household products. I have dedicated myself to a non-toxic lifestyle and I started this company in order to provide consumers with the chance to purchase luxurious, ethical, all natural, UK based and environmentally friendly household products. I want to bring a power to green products that in the past has been perceived as the lesser effective option.
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Green Goddess Interview

How did her passion transform into the Green Goddess ‘Clean Living’ we know and love today!

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