Anti-Bacterial Wipes:

What you will need:

Strong kitchen towel or muslin cloths or old rags cut to the size of a piece of kitchen towel

Baby wipe travel case

½ cup of vodka mixed with 1 tbsp of witch hazel or surgical spirit

Colloidal Silver (optional)

½ cup of distilled water

Essential oils – tea tree, rosemary and eucalyptus

What to do:

Pour the vodka and essential oils into a glass container that is flat and rectangle in shape.

Add the witch hazel or surgical spirit, colloidal silver (if using) and distilled water

Fold the kitchen towels so that they separate one at a time and fit into the travel container then immerse them in the water, turning the pile over so that they all get completely soaked.

Place in the baby wipe travel case and use as required.

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