Regulation of Cosmetic industry in brief

In most countries it is the responsibility of manufacturers to ensure that their cosmetic products are safe. The cosmetic ingredient reviews are carried out by the manufacturers and therefore they regulate themselves. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has a hands-off approach to cosmetics. This means that products are only tested after they have been sold and health complaints have subsequently been filed.   It is a massively lengthy process from there on in, involving safety data, animal testing and applying to court in order for the FDA to get a cosmetic banned and, in sixty seven years, they have only banned or restricted nine personal care ingredients.

The list below is intended to give you an idea about the beauty products you use daily and the average number of toxic chemicals per product:

  • Hairspray (11)
  • Shampoo (15)
  • Blusher (16)
  • Fake Tan (22)
  • Foundation (24)
  • Eye Shadow (26)
  • Nail Varnish (31)
  • Deodorant (32)
  • Body lotion (32)
  • Lip Stick (33)
  • Perfume (250)
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