Eucalyptus, Mint & Rosemary Body Scrub

This can be used as a body scrub or a tablespoon can be used in a hot bath similar to bath salts.  If you have cuts or open sores do not use this recipe as it will sting.  If you do not have the suggested herbs or plants, interchange with essential oil instead.  You can experiment with lots of different herb and essential oil combinations using this base recipe.


What you will need:

600 ml or 20 fl oz fine sea salt

3 springs of rosemary, or 20 sage leaves, 30 mint leaves and 20 eucalyptus leaves

650 ml (1.25 pints) olive or sunflower oil


Sieve lined with muslin

2 clean jars (300 ml or 10 fl oz) and labels


What to do:

Roughly chop the plants and put them in a pan.

Cover them with oil and warm them on a very low heat for one hour.  Do not simmer, the idea is to gently warm the plants so that they release their properties into the oil.

Line a sieve with a muslin cloth and drain the mixture into a bowl, keeping the macerated oil.  You can now throw away the leaves.

In another bowl pour in the sea salt, then slowly stir the oil into the salt until it reaches a consistency where the salt has completely absorbed all the oil. (Keep any additional oil for later use).

Spoon into clean jars and label.

This will last for up to one year, although the smell may start to fade.



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