Floor and Hand Held Steamers

When starting my journey to Eco cleaning I wanted to be sure that I could still keep my kitchen and bathroom 100% clean and free from germs.  Giving up anti-bacterial agents, using non-toxic sanitisers such as alcohol and vinegar are good alternatives. However, I decided I would need something pretty serious to tackle our family bathroom and I decided to invest in a hand held steaming device for the bathroom/kitchen surfaces and a floor steamer for the tiles in the kitchen and bathroom.  During the week I use my homemade cleaners to keep up with general mess and dirt but once a week I use my steam cleaners for the ‘deep clean’.

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What is steam cleaning?

“Vaporised water, which comes out of the attachments from a machine that physically resembles a vacuum cleaner, is applied to a multitude of surfaces in a home or industrial setting. The steam vapour is exceptionally hot, usually over 200º F at the tip. Heat is the first important component. Heat weakens the physical bond between the dirt or stains and the various surfaces to which the dirt is sticking or is embedded. The second component is “dry steam”, i.e. water, which is almost moisture-less steam. Using the “dry” steam, dirty surfaces can be wiped, scrubbed or rubbed clean and the dirt collected in a steam-moistened towel, often attached by clips to the attachment.

What are the advantages of steam cleaning?

Hot steam penetrates pores of the materials or surfaces to be cleaned and cleans more thoroughly than supermarket cleaners without the use of chemicals.  This lack of chemical use is a huge benefit to people who suffer with allergies or who are trying to reduce toxicity in their home. This is especially important if you have children present.

Killing germs, bacteria and micro-organisms such as dust mites and mould

The best advantage of all is that hot steam vapour is a natural deodorising agent without any chemicals or chemical odour.  As the steam vapour penetrates surfaces it destroys mould, spores, germs, viruses, dust mites and bacteria.  It is perfect for use where someone has had an infection as you can completely sanitise the affected areas.  This process is more effective than most disinfecting chemicals”. See more at: HERE

There are many different steam cleaners on the market and there will be websites that inform you of what to look for along with reviews and ratings. Therefore all I will say is that I opted for one of the major brands of steaming and cleaning equipment which I was able to purchase at a big name retail high street shop.  I am sure there are also many cheaper products out there that do just a good a job.  By going with a major brand I was able to make the most of the 2 year warranty and replacement service when one of the components became faulty.

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