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Listen to Green Goddess being interviewed by Johanna Thomas from Health Radio. Joni talks about her passion and how this transformed from a personal venture into the Green Goddess we know and love today. The essential FREE FROM ingredients and why it is so important to be aware of what is is your household cupboards. Plus her dream to take over the world!

All-natural ‘Clean Living’ lifestyle range Green Goddess provides: Non-toxic, natural, plant-based cleaning products for the good health of your family, your home and the environment. 100% Pure Essential Oils •Effective and Luxurious. Lemongrass •Lemon • Lavender • Eucalyptus • Rosemary. Biodegradable. Ingredients locally sourced in the UK. Cruelty free. Refill service available.

FREE FROM Sulphates • Phosphates •Petrochemicals • Brighteners • Synthetic fragrances or solvents • SLS / ALS / ALES / EDTA / DEA • EPA Priority pollutants • Palm oil • Chlorine bleaches.

You can get involved in the ‘Clean Living’ revolution by purchasing, stocking and refilling products.
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