Hair Serum

What you will need:

1 tbsp glycerine

1 tsp Vitamin E oil

1 tbsp flaxseed oil

1 tsp argan, avocado or almond oil

1 tsp Caster oil or acai oil

2 tbsp aloe vera gel

Essential oil to fragrance as you prefer

*Note this is a highly concentrated formula and it if you are not used to using oils on your hair or you have greasy hair I suggest adding 2 tablespoons to this formula to dilute the consistency.  Once the water is added it tends to be very similar to a shop bought hair serum.


What to do:

Use a small glass container and start by adding the aloe vera, use a small wooden stick (like you get from the coffee shops) to slowly stir adding all the other oils and finally the glycerine.

If the consistency is not as you would like you can heat all the ingredients in a Bain-Marie and then sprinkle on a teaspoon or so of Xanthan gum to thicken as desired.

Consider adding 2 tablespoons of distilled water to dilute the serum.

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