Green Goddess understands that we are not isolated, and our perspective is not all that it is out there. Here in the UK we are blessed with so many human rights and luxuries that we take for granted. At Green Goddess we wanted to make sure that right from the beginning of our business we were working in unison with organisations across the globe that align with our values. As such; Green Goddess is proud to be in support of Emerge For Africa. Green Goddess is making a commitment and 5 pence of every bottle of our product sold goes to this important project. Read below to find out why this is such an amazing project supporting women & children to gain access to education, childcare and skills to improve their standard of living.

Summary of the Mentor A Mum (MAM) Project, Uganda

Emerge For Africa Ltd (EfA) is a UK-registered NGO specializing in addressing the multiple barriers to girls’ education in East Africa, and dedicated to ensuring that all people, particularly those whose circumstances have marginalized or silenced them, can lift their voice in their own lives and have a reason to smile.

Emerge for Africa believes strongly in the idea that no child’s gender should stand in her way to increased freedoms. No child’s life circumstances should halt her steps forward to her education and a better future. With this ideology in mind, Emerge For Africa has focused its efforts on improving the socio-economic opportunities of young mothers, aged 12 to 18, in Uganda since 2012 through its Mentor A Mum (MAM) project.

If statistics were to introduce us to one hundred women and girls in Uganda, 57 of them would have given birth before their 16th birthday. We would meet 22 girls who became mums before age 14. Developed in response to the widespread concern of early pregnancy in Uganda, the MAM project addresses the causes and consequences of teenage pregnancy by leveraging the very social support and education young mothers aged 12 to 18 are denied by their situation.

Early pregnancy is widespread across Uganda, affecting 1.2 million girls aged 12-16 every year. The social stigma and economic repercussions an excluded young mother faces generally end her school career. The moment her pregnancy is detected, a girl finds herself with no recourse for support, monetary or social. Now, with a newborn requiring significant care, a girl, still a child herself, is expected to stave off family dishonour with early marriage and almost no prospect for quality education.

We address this situation by putting young mothers in a position to take decisions about their own futures and those of their children. Through our mentorship programmes, we assist young mothers with personalized educational options: to re-enter formal primary education, prepare for the Primary Leaving Examinations and enter secondary education, or to participate in our Alternative Education Programmes (tailored courses and training) if they are unable to re-enter formal education.

MAM promotes the economic and social reintegration of teenage mothers as respected citizens in their communities. While these mothers are currently facing hardship, disrespect, shame and the prospect of marriage against their will as a survival solution to their pregnancies, our approach leans on mentors to build skills and change mindsets. The holistic formal education offered through MAM paves the way for young mothers to gain financial autonomy and support themselves and their babies.

To date, the MAM project has been implemented in Masaka (Masaka District, Central Uganda) in March 2017 and is currently serving 20 young mothers, who have already acquired short skills to cover their basic expenses. In 2018, the MAM will also be implemented in Kasangati (Wakiso District, Central Uganda) within our main Educational and Research Centre on a larger scale.

Shared Premises in Masaka

Photos MAM Masaka

Our Main Educational and Research Centre being built since 2014

Photos MAM Kasangati

Our Main Educational and Research Centre being built since 2014

Photos MAM Kasangati

Agriculture for long term sustainability

Our future Community Library in partnership with BookAid

Temporary Library until we complete the main library


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