Mouth Rinse:

This is a great mouth rinse recipe that leave your breath and mouth feeling super fresh and clean!


What you will need:

Mint Leaves – small handful

1 or 1/2 a sliced Lemon  (optional)

Distilled water (200 ml)

Himalayan Salt ( 1 teaspoon)

Witch hazel (2 drops)

Hydrogen Peroxide (optional)

Colloidal Silver ( 3 drops)

Mint essential oil (1 or 2 drops)

Tea tree essential oil (1 drop)


What to do:

Infuse the mint leaves and lemon in the distilled water by heating the water and turning off the heat and allowing the herbs properties to seep into the water.  Drain using  muslin.

Dissolve the Himalayan salt into the liquid (dissolving salt into water is sometimes referred to as sole).

Add the witch hazel, colloidal silver and hydrogen peroxide (this whitens but can remove enamel so be careful of the amount and frequency of use).

When the liquid has cooled down, add mint and tea tree essential oils, start with one drop each and keep adding to your desired taste.

You can also add fresh sage when making the initial infusion and clove essential oil at the end.

Decant and keep in a glass jar.

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