My DIY Cleaning Tool Essentials:

  • Rubber gloves – Toxic or not I am a stickler for not getting my hands wet.  I use Eco friendly rubber gloves for all most all cleaning carried out within my home
  • Spray Bottles/containers – you will need to have containers to put all your DIY cleaners in.  I sometimes will recycle an old bottle or occasionally I will treat myself to a nice a new one as I will constantly reuse it at home.
  • Glass containers – for all powders/ tub scrubs/ tooth/ laundry powders and cosmetic lotions I tend to use Mason Jars, namely Kilner.  These are easy to purchase, they are air tight, do not leach, hold essential oils and they look great.
  • Microfiber brush – I find this is an essential dusting tool for those hard to reach places.
  • Washing up scrubbing/sponges – This is obvious but I use this on any dried in spillages on my wall & floor tiles, for scum in the bath along with the tub scrub and a separate one for cleaning the toilet.
  • ·    Blue cloth – This is excellent for giving surfaces the once over alongside my antibacterial cleaning spray before cooking/ cleaning out the fridge.
  • Stainless Steel Scourers – These are excellent for removing stubborn stains on tiling and bathroom areas.
  • Vegetable scrubbing brush – When I can I will cook with home-grown or locally sourced organic food.  This item is an essential in my home.
  • Hand held steamer – I use this to clean the toilet alongside my anti bacterial cleaning spray.
  • I also regularly Hoover or use both a large sweeping and dust pan and brush to keep my wooden and kitchen floors mess and pet hair free.
  • Mop and bucket – When the floors need a good clean I use a mop and bucket, hot water and my Green Goddess Floor Cleaner Product for a sparkling clean fresh floor and on the odd occasion I may mix it up and use my floor steamer alongside my Green Goddess Multipurpose Cleaning Spray.
  • Labels – These are important to name all your wonderful DIY products
  • A book -To write down all your favourite recipes, this is essential when making your own products.  There is nothing worse than making an amazing cream or cleaner and then having no exact measurements to recreate your favourite DIY product.
  • Cupboard space – As your making grows so does all your essential ingredients.
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