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Home Made Shampoo Recipe

This is my favourite shampoo to make at home.  I use an infusion of both fresh rosemary (hair growth) and mint (calming to the scalp) grown in my garden.  When spring starts to emerge I go hunting for nettles and add those to the water infusion for extra iron and minerals which further support hair growth.  I use Xantham gum so it has the thick consistency of a normal shampoo.  However, as I have not added any of the additional foaming agents that manufacturers use, you will have to use more than normal when applying.  I tend to use the dispenser to give me an allowance and then distribute that to an area of my head and use a good scrubbing motion with my fingers.  I do this five times to get all over cover and then massage into both my scalp and hair.  This way my head feels super clean and my hair is nourished thanks to all the lovely ingredients.  This can be used as a shampoo/conditioner or an everyday shampoo.

What you will need:

1½ pints of distilled water

Fresh herbs – rosemary & mint (you can also add sage and nettle)

2½ tbsp in total of a mix of Reetha Powder, Alma Powder and Shakira Powder.  If you only have one then that is fine too.

125ml rose water

7 drops rosemary oil

4 drops macadamia oil this is interchangeable with Argan oil

2 tbsp pure aloe vera

1 tbsp glycerine

5 Eco preservative drops (optional)

1 tbsp apple cider vinegar

½ tsp alcohol

1 tbsp Xantham gum

What to do:

Heat  the distilled water then add the herbs to infuse FOR HOW LONG?

Whilst the water is still warm add the powder mix and stir.

Transfer the water mixture into a blender, add the rose water, glycerine, apple cider vinegar

Mix the essential oils with the alcohol and add to blender.  Blend for 1 minute.

Add ½ tbsp of Xantham gum, blend again and check the consistency.  If it is too runny, add the other ½ tbsp of Xantham gum and blitz again.

This is your finished shampoo.  Decant into a dark pump dispenser, label and use as required.

* I have added Eco preservative to this recipe however it is not really essential and will keep well enough for at least six weeks or so without it.


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