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Green Goddess ‘Ultimate COVD- 19’ Hand Wash & Sanitising Set   

During this difficult time we understand how a little bit of luxury can help normalise and restore a sense of peace and balance.  Due to COVD – 19 we are recommended to be washing our hands frequently, as a result many of us are suffering from dried and cracked skin.  This is uncomfortable, unsightly and can cause inflammation and increase a risk of infection.

Therefore we have created the ultimate in moisturising, nourishing and restorative handwashing package which includes the much desired 70% alcohol hand sanitiser.  – It is scientifically proven that this level of alcohol will kill the Covid-19 virus therefore this easy to use multi functional sanitising spray is an extremely important part of your daily routine in the reduction of cross contamination of this virus.

Green Goddess Hand Wash & Sanitising Pack contains:

1 x 250 ml Lemongrass Non-Sulphate Hand Wash – Added natural oils to promote the softening and moisturising of your skin.

1 x 250 ml Lemongrass Nourishing Hand Lotion – Added conditioning oils and butters to create a nourishing and restorative moisturising cream that also creates a balm like effect to protect your hands from dryness.

1 x 250ml 70 % Alcohol Hand sanitising spray – Added natural conditioning oils to prevent your hands from dryness.

All of these are scented with Lemongrass Essential oil which contains inherent anti bacterial properties.  This pack can be carried in your bag giving you peace of mind that you have everything you need on you to keep yourself, clean, safe and reduce the risk of infection.

The Green Goddess ‘Clean Living’ range was developed to provide customers with a luxurious and ethical product. Green Goddess uses natural plant-based ingredients chosen specifically for their enhancing properties.  These products are made with plant based natural ingredients and contain natural cleaning agents which gently cleanse and moisturise your hand and skin naturally.  Lemongrass Essential oil is a natural disinfectant and has uplifting and refreshing qualities.


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