Rose and Ylang Ylang Detox Bath Salts:

Many of us do not get enough magnesium which is key to a healthy metabolism and is known to help in relieving muscle cramps, preventing migraines, calming nerves and anxiety, increasing energy, preventing osteoporosis, supporting digestion and improving heart health.  For all these reasons Epsom salts, which is a magnesium compound, is a main ingredient in my detox bath salts alongside bentonite clay which too has a highly detoxifying properties.


What you will need

Approximately half a pack of Epsom bath salts

4 tbsp bentonite clay

4 tbsp Himalayan salt

2 tbsp sea salt

3 tbsp dried rose petals – this is interchangeable with dried lavender

10 – 30 drops of ylang ylang essential oil, rose oil or geranium essential oil


Place all the dried ingredients into an airtight glass jar and mix thoroughly.  Add your choice of essential oils.

Use when you would like a decadent bath.  This can be given as a present using the recipient’s favourite essential oils to please and adding a ribbon and label to give a personalised finish.

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