There is lots of information on non-toxic shampoos so I will just list what I use. When I started this quest, for six months I washed my hair with only bicarbonate of soda and conditioned with only an apple cider vinegar rinse.  At first I was very impressed with my hair, as I was no longer using high street products I was getting rid of the build-up of chemicals.  Soon enough I did not have ‘frizzy’ hair anymore and I realised that the available everyday products were stripping my hair of its natural oils and that was what was making my hair so frizzy.

I was also no longer using conditioners that are filled with silicon which coat your hair for that silky feeling rather than actually conditioning it.  I think if you are new to this game then this is a good start to ‘cleanse or rebirth your hair’.  However, as I was not conditioning it with any extra hot oil treatments, after a while my hair needed more. The washing was fine, if a bit messy and unconventional but what my hair desperately needed was deep conditioning.  So I have ventured into a new hair routine since and I now only use non-toxic chemicals to clean condition and dye my hair.  It is shiny, bouncy without frizz, healthy and it keeps growing at a rapid speed, compared to my non-toxic friends might I add.

Below I have noted two easy shampoos to make at home.

Super Easy Shampoo:

Get three soap nuts, place in a pan with two cups of water, bring to the boil then turn down to a simmer and allow to heat through for 11 minutes.  Decant this liquid and take to your shower and wash your hair with it.  Soap nuts are an organic product so you have to use them as soon as you make your shampoo liquid.

You can purchase a 1 Kg bag of soap nuts from Ebay or Amazon


Super Easy Powder Shampoo

You can use either or all of  these powders to clean and wash your hair:

Reetha Powder

Shikakai Powder

Amla Powder

I generally take a tablespoon of each and mix in jar which I keep in the bathroom.



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