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Venues all over Sussex now stock Green Goddess Clean Living products and host refill sites. You can also purchase online here. Plus you can select a local pick up or delivery service. All cleaning products can be purchased in 5 litre containers.

Reduce, Reuse, Refill

Here at Green Goddess Reduce (the toxins we are exposed to), Reuse (our household food waste) and Refill (our household and beauty products) are key elements to living a more environmentally friendly life. Refilling your bottles allows you to reduce the amount of plastic being used, sold and disposed of.  This greatly reduces plastics carbon footprint and tells large corporations that we as consumers are making ethical and environmentally friendly decisions around our purchases. By continuing to set these trends we hope that soon these options to reduce plastic and their carbon footprint will be at the forefront of all large manufacturing process.

Get involved

Are you and your community trying to reduce your plastic use and toxic waste? Would you like to have Clean Living products available to you? We are looking for venues to stock and host our Green Goddess Refill and Purchase sites.

Making a difference in the way we live!

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07830 521054

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