Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Gel

This is a great all round gel supporting the reduction of infection and bacterial growth.  It can be used on cuts, scrapes & spots.


What you need:

Aloe vera gel if you do not have some this can be replaced with 1/4 gram of xantham gum and 30 ml of distilled water

If you do not have either of these you maybe able to replace the xanthan gum with gelatine from your kitchen, however I have not tried this.

3 drops Tea tree essential oil

1 tsp Witch hazel


What to do:

Find a small container and add in your water, if you can get a tiny blender such as a milk frother and as you blend in the water slowly mix in the Xanthan gum.  You need to create air and whisking motion in order for the Xanthan gum to work.  If you do not have a frother you can use a spoon but make sure you are stirring fast and strong to create the motion needed.   You should now have a gel like consistency, same as if you had measured out the aloe vera gel.

Stir in the witch hazel then the tea tree and store in an air tight container.  As witch hazel contains alcohol you do not need to add an additional preservative to such a small amount of product as long as you used distilled water and do not contaminate the product by placing your fingers in the gel.  Instead use a clean cotton bud each time to dab into the gel and then onto the affected area

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