Read what out customers and friends have to say about Green Goddess products and our journey forwards to make the world less toxic for everyone.

I was really impressed with the Green Goddess range. I even cleaned the inside of my oven with the Multi Purpose Spray cleaner. What I liked especially is when I next went to use my oven.  There was no lingering smell of chemicals as it heated up. It made me think of all the toxic chemicals we end up breathing in and digesting and not even know it. Thank you Green Goddess for bringing us a safe, non toxic cleaning solution.

Sally Mager – Hove

I am absolutely obsessed with the Green Goddess Squirt and Mop Floor Cleaner. It is so easy to use, the cat and the kids had left muddy footprints on my kitchen floor I just squirted the floor and moped up the mess. It was really quick to use with amazing results. My kitchen floor is now clean and it smells really fresh. Its nice to know that this is a natural cleaning product as I do not want dangerous or toxic chemicals around my children and pets.

Naomi Fevre – London

I just used Green Goddess Multi purpose spray and I am hooked. Last night we had two types of curry; both red and yellow. This morning it was all over my oven hob. I sprayed the multi purpose spray and left it for a minute to tend to other things. When I came back I wiped the hob with a cloth and I was left with a sparkling, clean surface. So easy and effective! Not only does the Multi purpose spray smell great, it does a fantastic job! I can not wait to try more of the Green Goddess Range!

Marie Taylor – Sussex

Loving all these products. They make your house smell amazing. Love how they are all natural and no chemicals

Cara Mathia Brennan

 My family have been using the shampoo and conditioner for a few weeks now and love them! My husband especially loves the conditioner and says it has done wonders for his beard – even his barber noticed the difference. The Rosemary and Eucalyptus surface spray is fantastic – smells lovely and cleans greasy surfaces effortlessly. no more scrubbing sinks and baths for me. We’ve now got some washing up liquid and concentrated cleaner to try – watch this space. Joni is very passionate and knowledgeable about her products and is committed to making the world a greener place for all of us.

Janna Dickinson

I would just like to say I have been using these products for over 3 weeks now and they are great. I love the way unlike fake chemical products that you get from the shop the smell just lingers for a good few hours after. I must admit the poo number 2 spray I used it more as an air fresher rather then in the loo. Been using the rosewood facial wash and my skin feels great. I love the lime and lemon spray with the floor cleaner. Been using the lavender clothes wash and its nice knowing that the products are kind to the environment and to your skin. Improve your health with this products buy from green goddess.

Tracy L Greaves

These are just wonderful. My house has never been so clean. It’s easy and fast and everything is shiny now. The kids even help and I’m happy for them to use the products.
The multi surface cleanser can be used on anything and really great results on glass and mirrors, the smells from the essential oils just make you feel good too.
I like to use all purpose cleaners that cut through the grease and dirt in the bathroom, now these products beat them hands down!
I use it all, I’m fully converted! And feel good about it! Thank you for bringing these into my life.

Cat Waage

I love the products that I’ve tried and used. The washing up liquid, all purpose spray, squirt & mop, laundry liquid and polite no 2 spray. They all smell amazing and do the job they are designed to do perfectly. With the added bonus that not only are they a joy to use, they have a positive health impact rather than a harmful one as with regular mostly toxic cleaning products.

I’ve also used the chakra sprays and facial oil which are all sublime.
I used the night time chakra spray every night to enhance a deep calm sleep.

I will most definitely be a returning customer

Kerry Hodges

If you want an all fresh smelling, all natural cleaning product that actually cleans, without leaving any stick residue. Then this product ticks all the boxes.

Becky Vargas


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