Tinted lip balm

In this recipe, almond oil has been used to moisturise and hydrate the delicate skin of the lips.  Wheatgerm oil is high in vitamin E, which is both an anti oxidant and acts as preservative.  Carrot oil is high in Vitamin E and Myrrh essential oil is good for dry and chapped skin.  Mica powder has been added to provide a colour to the lip balm.  I suggest when your recipe is complete you add a 1/4 teaspoon of mica colour and test a small amount on your hand, keep adding small amounts to the balm until you get your desired colour and texture before allowing to set.


What you need:

20 g/1/2 tbsp beeswax

50 ml / 10 tsp almond oil

14 ml /3 tsp wheatgerm oil

5 ml / 1 tsp carrot oil

1/4 tsp Mica powder of your choice

2 drops lemon essential oil

1 drop of myrrh essential oil


What to do:

Put the beeswax, almond, wheatgerm and carrot oils into a bain marie (glass jug, in a saucepan of hot water), heat slowly.  Stir the mixture until all the beeswax has melted

Remove the mixture from the heat and allow to cool slightly whilst adding in your mica powder.

Add the essential oils, pour the mixture into a container and allow to set.

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