For general toothache you can apply clove essential oil to a cotton wool bud and hold directly onto the tooth, however do be careful as if you get this on your tongue it does sting!.

Child’s teething pain can be soothed by rubbing the gums with marshmallow root decoction, or by allowing the baby/child to chew on a piece of orris or marshmallow root.

The balm below is for severe toothache and mouth infections and should be placed on the infected area every few hours daily after meal times and just before bed so that it can work its magic without disruption.


What you will need:

2 tbsp Aloe Gel

5 ml Witch hazel

5 ml or 2 tbsp of sole (salt water, preferably Himalayan salt)

2 ml or a few drops of colloidal Silver

2 drops of tea tree oil

1 drop of rosemary essential oil or 1 drop of eucalyptus essential oil

1 drop of mint or chamomine essential oil – optional


What to do:

Simply use a small air tight container and a small wooden stick (similar to the ones used to stir your coffee) and start with the aloe gel, adding each of the other liquid ingredients, lastly adding the essential oils to taste.

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