Verruca Removal

The clinical name for a verruca is a plantar wart. Warts are caused by infection with a virus known as the human papilloma virus. Warts can look different depending on where they appear on the body and how thick the skin is. A wart on the sole of the foot is called a verruca.   Unfortunately these can be easily picked up when out in a public place and most children will at one time or another contract one.


Luckily I have the perfect remedy which is guaranteed to get rid of the virus without the use of an toxic ointment.  Drum roll please, yes its our old friend; Apple cider vinegar to the rescue.

What You’ll Need

  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Cotton wool
  • Plasters

What You’ll Do

  • Wash all socks and bedding and anything else that may have touched the verruca
  • Do not allow anyone to have contact with the verruca by keeping it covered at all times
  • Roll the cotton wool into a tiny piece, the size of the verruca.
  • Dousethe cotton wool in apple cider vinegar
  • Apply directly onto the verruca after you’ve cleaned it
  • Secure the cotton wool with a plaster, tightly so that the ACV stays directly on verruca
  • take this off in the morning and either do it again or simply cover the verruca during the day in order to not reinfect anywhere else
  • Repeat every night until it disappears

How it works

  1. Vinegar is an acid (acetic acid), so it can kill some types of bacteria and viruses on contact.
  2. The vinegar burns and slowly destroys the infected skin, causing the wart to fall off, similar to how salicylic acid works.

*It is really important that the ACV only goes onto the affected area as it basically kills the skin that touches,  you will start to see the verruca turn black and after a few days it will come off in the cotton wool plaster and the skin will start to heal.

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