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I am Joni, CEO and founder of Green Goddess. I am an eco-conscious mother who started on a journey of non-toxic living after becoming increasingly concerned about the chemicals that were in my family’s foods and everyday household products.

A bout of ill health encouraged me to find a natural cure and I decided to study the non-toxic arena. I spent every waking moment trawling though the Internet, reading studies and relevant blogs: digesting all I could to understand this area better. This has become my passion, my life and my career.

I have dedicated myself to a non-toxic lifestyle and I started this company in order to provide consumers with the chance to purchase luxurious, ethical, all natural, UK based and environmentally friendly household products. I want to bring a power to green products that in the past has been perceived as the lesser effective option.

This website hopes to raise awareness around using chemicals and synthetic ingredients and how they impact negatively on our health and the environment. We make great, effective products and keep a low carbon footprint!

All Green Goddess products are: cruelty free; contain NO sulphates, SLS/ALES/ALS, chlorine bleaches, enzymes, petroleum based solvents, synthetic fragrances, phosphates or brighteners. All our products are vegan friendly, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Our products are fragranced with essential oils and smell divine! It has long been known about the benefits and properties of essential oils and when developing our range, we wanted to work with nature and harness the power of the essential oils’ properties to enhance our products.  Each essential oil was chosen specifically for its anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. Essential oils have a range of known therapeutic benefits and that is why we believe at Green Goddess that using our products creates an holistic sense of well being. Whilst cleaning your home, our products encourage feelings of harmony!

At Green Goddess we maintain a high standard of production with least environmental impact. We manufacture the products in Sussex, UK and also distil our own water, reducing the need for factory outsourcing. There is no requirement for large plastic containers, which saves on the omissions from production and delivery. We are passionate about the environment and the reduction of the use of plastic is key in this area. The containers for our products are 100% recyclable. All products can be purchased in large quantities and a refill service is available on each product.

The website features a range of relevant, fun and easy-to-make, non toxic DIY recipes for use within your home, as well as cosmetic and healthcare regimes. Please feel free to subscribe to my newsletter to keep updated with the latest products and recipes.

To order from our clean living household range, please visit our simple-to-use SHOP and order section.

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